Dear Mothers, are you still in the constant loop of physical & emotional exhaustion and worries from work-life?

Dear Mothers, are you still in the constant loop of

physical & emotional exhaustion and worries from work-life?

Begin Self-Care & Be Empowered here today!

Begin Self-Care & Be Empowered here today!

Do you know...

82% of working mothers

often feel overwhelmed by the demands of their professional and personal lives which may lead to initial phase of burnout syndrome.

Often, they wish to have someone to support them and guide them on their journey of how they can cope with the responsibilities of not just being a mother and an employee but the multiple hats that a woman wears

If you are…

often too busy

unable to let go

and in turn affecting your health

We want to help you overcome it.

Our wellness coaching approach has released working mothers from burnouts, emotional and psychological stress that comes from juggling between work and building a family by providing a safe space where mothers can bound back and recover from physical, emotional and psychological stress and renew minds to achieve a healthier and more positive work life balance.

Our coaching program focuses on addressing key areas such as time optimization, self-care practices, goal setting, effective communication skills, health restoration, work-life harmony, and personal development.

Whether you are a working or stay at home mother seeking an outlet to de-stress from the workplace and at home. Mirus Essentials is here to empower you on your journey. Click on the button to schedule a complimentary discovery session and embark on a transformative coaching experience tailored to meet your unique needs and aspirations. Let us guide you towards success and fulfilment as a woman.

Mirus Essentials Founder’s Story:

Hi there, I am Esther, the founder of Mirus Essentials and here’s my story.

I used to work in corporate HR for over 20 years and my life was often very overwhelming back then. Early mornings and late nights are what we have to deal with as working mothers and it certainly doesn't help that beyond the lack of sleep comes the stress, the insomnia and worries for my 4 children.

Working in a global organisation, staying up till late nights were inevitable due to international time zone differences, yet I must get up before dawn to make sure my kids start their day right. It was tough juggling work and family, and many are the days I only afford to sleep less than 6 hours. I felt really tired and stressed all the time! Additionally, worrying about my kids was what I couldn't let go of even when I was swamped with work and stress.

This went on until I hit a breaking point. I knew something had to change. So, I took some time off, went on retreats, and started to discover how to worry less about work and my kids. This experience was eye-opening so I dived deeper and ventured into work-life and wellness coaching.

That’s why I started Mirus Essentials. I wanted to help moms like me find peace and balance again in their hectic lives. My own journey has showed me that it’s possible to feel better, and I want to share these proven solutions and effective techniques that has worked for myself with many others to release more mothers from the struggles of insomnia, stress and worries in order to experience a healthier mind and a healthier body.